A restorative elixir that nourishes and rebuilds hair while protecting against UV damage and adding brilliant shine.
Repairs and rebuilds damaged hair natural hair serum organic
Oi Serum Oil Treatment (Oak) 2 ozS.OIL is a certified ToxicFree hair oil made with all-natural, organic and eco-certified ingredients travel size


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Experience the ultimate hair transformation with Francesco Palmieri's Hair Serum – the crown jewel of our Revitalizing Hair Therapy Set.

Crafted with a lavish blend of botanicals, this luxurious serum hydrates, strengthens, and volumizes, banishing dryness and split ends for luscious locks that radiate vitality and allure.

Infused with the essence of sustainability and effectiveness, our Hair Serum delivers unparalleled nourishment and rejuvenation, leaving your hair irresistibly soft, shiny, and easy to style.

Elevate your hair care routine and indulge in the opulent beauty of Francesco Palmieri's Hair Serum – because your hair deserves nothing less than the best.

Customer Reviews

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Sheryl Lonergan


Elizabeth Kellogg
Love this hair oil!

I have super dry, frizzy hair with a natural curl. I absolutely LOVE this oil. It’s perfect for me. So many oils just absorb and my hair gets dry again. This oil lasts and I usually out in my hair wet. But I can also apply dry. It just takes more product. I will continue to buy. Cheers.

Amy Rodriguez
Yes, yes, yes!

Yesss!!!! Finally I found the product that rejuvenated my hair. No more dryness, no more frizzy hair. I am happy and highly recommended

They just get it!

Let me begin by saying, my family believes in organic, good for you, clean products that ensure our health comes first.

I met the owners and their family and was able to hear first hand how they practice what they preach both in business and in life. The amount they choose to do to ensure we have access to high quality, truly organic, body care is next level and I am so grateful.

We have tried the hair serum, soap, and I will be trying the deodorant next as they claim it is different than everyone else on the market.

Highly recommend and thank you!

Haydee Mendez
Got to try it!

I just recently purchased the hair serum and I love it. I followed the directions on the container. In addition to that I took a risk and the next morning after I washed my hair I did one small pump, rubbed it on my hands, and then on my hair before I blow-dried it to give it some shine. My hair looked so freaking good! Got a lot of compliments. You got to try it!