organic coconut body lotion ezcema relief parabens free dry skin lotion
organic body lotion chemical free, ezcema relief, palo Santo scent, palo santo essential oil, dry skin


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A daily body lotion that goes on easy and stays on.

The Francesco Palmieri hydrating body lotion reveals a fresh, light texture that absorbs quickly into the skin to instantly give it a feeling of comfort.

Like a morning breeze waking up!

This lotion refreshes sleepy skin, leaving it soft and renewed. Enriched with aloe vera to softens, hydrates and tones the skin. This lotion calms, regenerates and restructures the skin.

It is suitable even for the most delicate, dry or irritated skin. Leaves skin nourished, hydrated, smooth, and soothed.

Customer Reviews

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Natural quality lotion..

This lotion is fantastic and I must say I am very picky. Start ing out with ingredients I understand. And comes in a GLASS bottle with pump... it works!!! My skin is so hydrated using this and it is not greasy or sticky just feels silky all over and really goes a long way with small amount. I am so happy my skin is happy... much thanks to you FrancescoPalmieri!!!

Harry Moreno
Best products ever

I love coconut smell I always try to get something made with coconut but this cream is something else!!
Let’s start with the smell that last all day in your skin, it makes your skin super soft and hydrated ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Im in love with the quality of their products !!! Best cream ever.

Julianne Kronberger
Absolutely love!

I bought this lotion 1 week ago, have used it daily since and couldn’t love it more! 1) it smells amazing 2) very moisturizing and light 3) doesn’t make me break out 4) I swear this lotion makes me sleep better when I put it on before bed.
So glad I stopped by your booth!