About US

We are a Peruvian - Italian couple that quit our "conventional" life to pursue our dreams. After traveling around California and living in our van for a couple of years, we finally established our company in Huntington Beach, CA. Now we are full-time, developing our luxury skincare company, called Francesco Palmieri. 

As a designer, for Angelo the presentation of every product has to reflect elegance, and at the same time be attractive, clean, and unique.

Daniela Palmieri studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and discovered her passion: Creating skincare products using the most natural and organic herbs, oils, and flowers. 

We make all our products by hand respecting the Earth. All the ingredients we use are sourced from small communities or other small businesses.

We think that being connected with nature and having a conscience of taking care of our body, soul and mind is the best way to live, and having the opportunity to share what we make with others makes us feel happier. 

Welcome to Francesco Palmieri.